April 28, 2022

The most glamorous dog show in Denmark, SHOW OF WINNERS, celebrated the 40 Years Anniversary in 2021 and PetCount™ had the great pleasure to be a part of it.

Many well-known dog judges from the USA – Derek Rayne in 1983, J. Council-Parker in 1986, Dorothy Hutchinson in 1991, Sari Brewster Tietjen and Richard Guevara in 1993, Richard M. Chashoudian in 1998, David R. Miller in 2007 and Michael Canalizo in 2010 - had been invited to judge at this prestigious show during the years, and dogs from all over the world has been among the winners.

The Winner from 2020 was the American Akita, Multi-Ch. Satrebor Steal The Moment, and in 2021 it was the Dalmatian Ch. Running Spot’s Dancing Bob:

Exhibitors and Breeders at Show of Winners recommend Petcount™. Here are Michael West Kehler and Tue Drachmann:

Petcount™ has supported the show for several years and our cooperation has been for the common good.

Ulf Fjelsted Jorgensen, who has been the organizer of Show of Winners since the beginning back in 1981, has also been involved in the Petcount™ product from the early start in 2016, and he is still our global Petcount™ Ambassador.
Ulf has many years of experience in breeding dogs and finds the Petcount™ Sperm Quality Test to be an extremely useful tool for checking the dog’s sperm quality before breeding – and so does many dog breeders around the globe.

Ulf Fjelsted Jørgensen:
“There is definitely a place in the market for a test like the PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test for Dogs as it is now possible for Breeders to check the sperm quality of their studs at home and plan things. Some dogs may get very nervous by going to the Veterinarian which again may have a negative effect on the sperm quality. So, an easy way out, is performing the test at home or come to the Veterinary Clinic and get the sperm quality result in a fast way.
A PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test for Dogs measures the number of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (also called PMSCs) in the dog’s semen sampl,e and is the closest product in the market to a lab-based semen analysis of your Dog’s Sperm Quality. The PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test for Dogs gives you a valid answer on your Dog’s fertility status and potential as a PMSC is the only sperm cell that can reach and fertilize an egg.”

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